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He Is A She! :iconbluehert-the-cat:bluehert-the-cat 4 6
video! :iconbluehert-the-cat:bluehert-the-cat 3 7 invert colors test 2 :iconbluehert-the-cat:bluehert-the-cat 6 1 invert colors test :iconbluehert-the-cat:bluehert-the-cat 5 0 I support the evil and nice Nightsky .:stamp:. :iconbluehert-the-cat:bluehert-the-cat 7 1
all my accounts!
colors!live: Cheon and Nightsky…
Dailymotion: blu3h3art-th3-cat…
skype: blueheart the cat

The Life Of Nightsky (shorter version) (story 1)

There was once a she-cat, her name was Nightsky. She was a very young kid from the Grass Kingdom. (it is from The Kingdom Leaders. here you can read more about it: ) when she was 13 years old, 2 kids did bullied her. it was Brownclaw and his sister. after a 2 years, they stops with bullying her. Nightsky's mom did get a new kid, his name was Wolfeyes. but after 1 years, he was gone. everyone said he was killed by a creature of the other side. Nightsky's father (Fastpaw/Blindeye) did take a revenge, but he did come not without damaged. the creature who he did fight with, did scratch his eyes. he was blind, he did go slowly go insane. and 3 months later, he was also gone. everyone did also said he was killed by someone. Nightsky did really love her father and little brother. she was now alone with her mom, but she was someone who need to get stuff from other lands. so, Nightsky was lonely. she did cry every night, and she feels also a other feeling, a feeling that did not belongs to the Good Sides. 6 months later, she did leave the kingdom, she did told no one that she did leaves. she did run away from the good and bad memories. she runs to a new life, an new life on the Traitors Sides.
but she was all alone, she did always tough of her brother and father. days, months, years. after a while she did see someone she did knows, it was Brownclaw. she did hear his words in her head, that make her wanna kill him. Brownclaw and Nightsky did fight, and she did kill him. (here is a video of the fight.…) she did now real belongs to the Traitors Sides.

life line:


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don't watch me! I'm gone!
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 ☆─ (´⌒;:    ::⌒`) :; 
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hey guys! if you like to play games, can you find a lion-cheetah/Cheon?


hello, I'm Blueheart. you may call my ''Blue'', ''CorazónAzul'' or what ever you want, but you will not call me ''Bluehert'', ''Hert'' or something like that! :iconragefaceplz: or I will be your biggest nightmare! (guys, this is a joke! xD but don't call me like that.)

my real life family
noukieroosje2005 (she is my niece!)

mY pLz AcOuNtS!

you need to know.
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Letter (Free to use!) by FluffyRainbowTurtle
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the the b-day day is the day that I did make the account.

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maybe you didn't see, my new account 666starThe-bad-kitty is now deactivate! and it will stay like that! so, that means a goodbye. this time is the last time!

I won't delete an other account. so, that means you can see me on colors,, outlook, and more accounts.
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Jasperinity Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
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